The last month of the year has already started, can't believe it. The past year was really not normal for me: I completed several courses, my book was published, I started my own health coach company, have an insta and youtube account as a boomer and give workshop after workshop about the well-being of dancers.

I've accomplished all of these things by setting realistic, achievable goals, focusing on the process, not the end goal, and celebrating each successful step.

How do you ensure that the good intentions you make on New Year's Eve also stand up for the rest of the year and that you can also look back with New Year's Eve 2023 on everything you have achieved and, above all, learned? 


What is a goal, and why it is good to set goals. If you type this question into Google you will read the following:

“A goal is a desired situation, something you want to achieve” 

Just be clear, why, what does a goal get you, well quite a lot:

  • Setting goals creates focus.
  •  By setting goals, you can measure progress.
  • You get less distracted when you have a goal.
  • Having a goal reduces procrastination.
  • Setting goals motivates you.

When you set yourself a goal, you have an end point in mind and that changes your behavior and thoughts. With this you start taking certain steps to get what you want and with that you gain momentum along the way. As you move forward and get closer to achieving your goal, your brain releases dopamine, a chemical that activates reward/pleasure centers. in your brain and that motivates you to take further steps to achieve a reward (or in your case, your goal).

I think it is now clear why having goals is quite nice, let's quickly see how you can make realistic goals.

Flying start

You can of course start with a goal all year round, not just on January 1 :) What do you start with:

  • Make a decision. What is your goal? Speak it out loud! (I'm serious - scream at the top of your lungs what you WILL achieve!)
  •  Grab a pen and paper as soon as possible and write it down 5 times! I recently read somewhere that people who write down their goal are 42% more likely to achieve their goal
  • Pick up your phone and call 3 people in your life who will hold you accountable and who will check on you at least once a month.

If you have done this then the logical next question is of course; How am I going to keep this up? I have a few tools for you that will help with that.


What is going to help you achieve your goal(s) in a way that is sustainable? Here are some points that I apply myself and that work for many people:

– VISUALIZATION : This is a great way to energize an idea and make it come to life, really feel it. One way to practice visualization is to sit still for a few minutes a day to relax, make clear your mind and let your ideas flow! It is also nice to make a visual image of photos, drawings or pictures that match your vision of the future. You can create a vision board with images, ideas, and steps for specific steps.


Sharing your goal with others makes you more accountable. Make the goal public, the chance is greater that you will persevere.


Sharing your goals allows you to see them outside of yourself, it gives clarity and that clarity makes it possible for you to gauge whether you need to change or adjust things. Think of SMART goals in particular, you can read what those are in SPITZ .


Sharing your goals can help you expand your social circle with more like-minded people who can contribute to your progress.



You should celebrate the process and your success!

If you don't celebrate your successes, it can slowly and unconsciously lead to a negative image of your achievements. When you focus on what you haven't accomplished rather than what you have, you're less likely to stay on task. The good news, however, is that celebrating your achievements can boost your confidence, help you avoid burnout, and fuel your continued success.


Don't stop when things go wrong

Everyone runs into situations that are challenging, things don't go the way you planned, that's NO problem. Use those moments to adjust your plans. This is not something to get frustrated about. I keep repeating my coach's quote:

"You never fail, you win or you learn".

Get in the habit of looking at "lesser moments" to determine what changes are needed to eliminate these moments in the future. Success only comes if you keep going! I am the example of this.

If you need extra support or accountability? Please feel free to contact us and we will celebrate your successes together.

Source: IIN



During the 30-minute inspiration session with Saskia, we dive into your personal and professional goals.

This session is an opportunity to clearly define your goals and see how you can achieve them in a way that fits your lifestyle needs.

What are we going to tackle:

  • Biggest ambitious, realistic goals
  • Action steps and means to achieve your goals
  • Lifestyle tips to optimize your time,
  • Increase accountability and improve overall performance
  • What working with Saskia would look like

I look forward to seeing you.

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