en SPITZ voor balletscholen/dansstudio’s

gezonde leerlingen met zelfvertrouwen 

gezonde leerlingen

‘Je ziet teveel leerlingen worstelen met hun lichaamsbeeld en zelfvertrouwen, …

Aanpassen!! Je hebt al een paar dagen niet gegeten maar je ziet geen enkel verschil. Hoe kan het dat je andere dansers gewoon ziet eten, en zelfs zoete dingen hè en gewoon niet aankomen. Ze krijgen ook altijd de complimenten en de hoofdrollen in de choreo’s, mega frustrerend. Je doet zo je best maar inmiddels ben je de wanhoop wel nabij, wat moet je nu nog doen om af te vallen? ‘Je kunt niet succesvol zijn als je dik bent’ dus je moet toch iets zoeken maar je bent er ZO klaar mee, het is ook nooit goed genoeg. Je kan bij niemand terecht, want óf het zijn mensen buiten de opleiding en die snappen het niet, óf het zijn mensen van de opleiding maar die moeten je beoordelen dus die mogen dit niet weten.

What would it be like for you if...


You would get help

Someone who helps you make lasting changes in your well-being, health and diet. So that you can dance healthy and happy.


Food no longer causes stress

You know exactly what your body needs to perform well. It's so in your system that you don't have to think about it anymore. You listen to your own body and no longer compare it to another.


You wouldn't be insecure anymore

 You have much more confidence and believe in yourself.

.Weet je wat zo fijn is;

Without stress you now have all the time to dance.

All the time you used to spend comparing, checking, being insecure, eating/not eating, you now have left to work on your technique and enjoy dancing. If someone had told you that 6 months ago you probably wouldn't have believed it. You will grow technically but because you have also been given time off to do social things you will also shine and that is something that will earn you a lot of applause.

This is also possible for you

If you follow the 6-month program

SPITZ 1 on 1 coaching

€ 1200,-: 12 sessies van 50 minuten (Om de week)

After working with me for 6 months:


You will feel a huge amount of self-confidence

Walk into the studio and look in the mirror with a lot of self-confidence. All without having starved- and brought yourself down. Other classmates also walk in but checking and comparing are no longer part of your mindset.


Is your focus completely on the dancing

You can finally fully focus on working on your technique because not all your energy is wasted on searching for diets, starving yourself, and getting thinner than thin.


Do you feel great

You feel so good and know that you too can get important roles and be accepted at auditions. You are not inferior to anyone else.


You don't have distorted eating behavior anymore

And all because you got rid of your disturbed eating habits. You never could have dreamed this would be possible. No more spending every second of the day thinking about eating or especially not eating, What a wonderful feeling.


Mega bonus:

You don't have to lie anymore and can enjoy dinners with friends, and going out, yes, hello social life. Let's go dancing!

This is all yours after it 

SPITZ 1 on 1 coaching trajectory

1200 euro


I would like to lose weight, is that also possible with the SPITZ programs?

You may lose weight but this will be different for everyone because everybody is different. Losing weight is not the intended outcome of this program. 

This program is not for you if your ONLY goal is to lose weight.

I have already finished college, can I still take the program?

Of course. You can also follow this program if you are already working in the dance world.

I don't have a diagnosed eating disorder, but my relationship with food is unhealthy, can you help me?

This program is ideal for you.

Is the coaching covered by insurance?

Currently, this program is not covered by insurance. But major steps are being taken to change this in the near future.

I don't live in Amsterdam, can you still help me?

Sure, we can do the sessions via Zoom.

How long can I access the online program?

You only have access to the online modules with the SPITZ plus program. Spitz basic consists of the 1 on 1 sessions.

If I do want to lose weight, can I still follow this program?

Absolutely, you can. The feeling of wanting to lose weight can go hand in hand with a desire to heal your relationship with food and your body. As you progress through the program, you will find that your weight loss desires are put on the backburner. If weight loss occurs in the process, that's just a bonus.

Really nothing has worked what is different about this program?

I totally understand where you are coming from and understand that you are tired, frustrated and tired of struggling. But I honestly believe that things can be different for you because I've seen time and time again how life-changing this process is. If you're willing to take a leap of faith and have faith in the process (and me), I promise you this is unlike anything you've ever done before.

What if I cannot pay the entire amount at once?

If you cannot pay the amount in one go, SDB Healthcoaching offers a payment in two installments. 

I have an eating disorder, can I still follow the program?

Nothing replaces intensive specialized therapy for an eating disorder, but this program can provide additional support beyond personalized treatment. If in doubt, ask your treatment team for advice on whether the SPITZ program is right for you at this time.

SPITZ! Sustainable peak performance

With SPITZ 1 on 1 coaching:


Take control of your overall health


Do you feel great in your body


Feel strong in auditions, classes, and performances


Restore your relationship with food


Restore your relationship with yourself


Do you have a career that suits you that you are happy with.

Still unsure if this program is right for you?

The program is for you if:


You are tired of fighting this problem on your own


You are extremely frustrated with your relationship with food.


You really have tried everything and nothing works.


You want to feel relaxed and at peace with your relationship with food and feel strong again. 


You want to work with someone who has been through it all, who has been in your shoes. 


You are now ready to change course, learn, develop, and grow and say goodbye to your old patterns that no longer serve you.

“As a peak performance coach and professional athlete who has struggled with an eating disorder myself, I can attest that Saskia Debadts is a talented and authentic wellness coach. She has a deep understanding of personalized nutrition, the science behind behavior changes and helping others improve their outlook on the world. Personally, I have yet to meet a more genuine and a friendly coach who always puts her clients first. If you are looking to break through mental barriers, optimize your nutrition and improve your physical and mental health, I highly suggest choosing Saskia.”

Alex Wish

We also need to be honest about when this program isn't right for you.

This program is not for you…

  • If you are unable or unwilling to devote 2 hours per week to learning and applying the content
  • Your only goal is to lose weight and you are not open to putting weight loss on the back burner for a while
  • If you have an eating disorder and are currently being treated by a professional.



During the 30-minute inspiration session with Saskia, we dive into your personal and professional goals.

This session is an opportunity to clearly define your goals and see how you can achieve them in a way that fits your lifestyle needs.

What are we going to tackle:

  • Biggest ambitious, realistic goals
  • Action steps and means to achieve your goals
  • Lifestyle tips to optimize your time,
  • Increase accountability and improve overall performance
  • What working with Saskia would look like

I look forward to seeing you.

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