How do you deal with changes? 5 Hints

From Tilburg to NYC

Changes regularly took place in my dance life. In order to continue to pursue my passion, I often moved places; from Zeeland to Tilburg from Tilburg to New York from New York to Bruges and back to New York, before I ended up in Amsterdam. At the time I had times of auditions, followed by a rehearsal period and then performances. When the performances were finished, the whole thing started all over again and then I haven't even been in a company or performances that went on tour.

I also did internships at different studios in different countries and went with Lynn (Siminson) to Jacob's Pillow and Rockport for summer intensives. All super and all part of the dance life but also changes that I had to deal with. Let me be someone who really liked stability and structure, so quite a challenge. I say loved because I have learned to deal with change. Every day can be different and I love that now and it also makes things a lot easier and saves a lot of stress. I'm going to give you tips that I apply myself to easily deal with the changes that dance life brings.


As a dancer you end up in many different places and in many different situations. TV shows, Musicals at home and abroad, odd jobs, cruise ships, companies. Dancers are known for being able to adapt, which is necessary to work in this industry, but I found that quite difficult at times.

 Sometimes you get into situations that take some getting used to and it can be easy to fall into negative thoughts that can slow progress. It helped me to deal with this, because I really didn't want to slow down my progress :) The amount of changes can require dancers to turn their entire lives around to pursue their passion. Switching jobs/education, city and company and these changes can take a toll that we may not immediately recognize. It is normal that dancers do not always feel at ease in a new dance environment, simply because sometimes it is not easy. You have to get used to new colleagues, new choreographers, new material and perhaps also a new living environment.

A familiar environment can be very inspiring, but there is nothing wrong with feelings that come up when you have to leave a familiar environment. 

Cope with change

The only constant in life is change, especially in a dance life. But that doesn't mean it's easy. Here are 5 tips for dealing with big and small changes in your life.

  1. Recognize that things are changing.

The first tip is quite simple. Tell yourself, "Things change and it's okay." Let it wash over you. That's much less stressful than being overwhelmed by things that are about to happen like touring, different theaters, a new company.

  1. Even 'good' change can cause stress.

Sometimes, when dancers go through a positive life change, such as graduating from a course or being accepted into a company, they also feel stress – or even fear of the unfamiliar situation they are about to find themselves in. Keep in mind that positive change can also cause stress. can cause. Stress is simply your body's way of responding to change. It's okay to feel stressed, even when something good is happening - in fact, it's normal. 

  1. Stick to a regular schedule as much as possible.

The more changes that take place, the more important it is to stick to a fixed schedule as much as possible. Having some things that stay the same, like meditating every morning, gives you something to hold on to. It gives your brain a little rest. Sometimes when you're going through a lot of changes, it helps to write down and check off your routine. It's one less thing for your brain to keep inside.

  1. Try to eat as healthy as possible.

When change happens, many of us tend to eat comfort food . This may be because eating carbohydrates stimulates serotonin – a brain chemical that can become somewhat depleted when you are undergoing change (stress). It's okay to soothe yourself with comfort food. To monitor the extent to which it can help to note what you eat. When you see what you're eating, it's better to take a step back and think about whether or not you want to eat a second piece of chocolate.

  1. Write down the positives that come from a change.

Perhaps the change in your life has made you meet new people. Did you learn new dance styles. Maybe you started working with new choreographers. You may have become more assertive. Maybe the change has helped you prioritize what's most important in your life. Change offers the opportunity to grow, and it's important to recognize how things have gotten better because of it.

Dancing in the rain

My coach often uses inspiring quotes that help me. In the event of changes, the quote below is one that helps me, which may also be of use to you:

“Why life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, 

it's about learning to dance in the rain”

September 29, 2022 Kevin Mangelschots

 It simply means that one has learned to let nothing stop them from reaching their full potential. Don't wait for things, changes in life to go away, instead have a positive attitude and face challenges and enjoy the journey.

It's always nice to have friends to talk to. In a conversation, try to focus on specific action steps you can take to get through changes as stress-free as possible: Talk about exactly what you can do to make things easier. A health coach can also support you and help you implement strategies that help you perform at your peak. If you think it would be interesting to work together, please send me an email. Or book a free inspiration session .




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