To dream

The holiday is always such a moment when you look back at how the past (school) year went and you start dreaming about the new year or about your wishes for the future. The inevitable question is therefore: How am I going to achieve this? I don't think a dream is too big. Mine has been since I was very young: I'm going to dance in New York for Lynn Simonson. Such a dream is of course huge, but I managed it, how? Small steps, slowly but steady.


In this blog I share two success stories. My coach Alex* shared the first one with me and I'm sharing it with you again because it makes so much clear in one fell swoop. No dream or wish is too big, you will know that after reading this story.

 It's about a gentleman named: Michel Lotito. Michel, believe it or not, successfully ate an entire Cessna 150 plane…

Many thought it was impossible to eat an entire plane and they would have been right if it should have been eaten in one sitting. 

Michel's secret is how he achieved an "impossible" achievement and turned it into daily achievable goals. He completely ground the plane into fine dust and for two years he sprinkled this dust on all his food until the plane was completely digested.


Alex also has his own success story. This man is so inspiring. He is a perfect example of grinding a big goal into small pieces. In 2021 he has within 10 hours; 1000 pull ups, 2000 push ups and 3000 squads done. This year the world record climbing is on the agenda, climbing 24 hours in my favorite climbing hall: Boston Bouldering Prpject! He has broken these goals into daily tasks, so he passed the first one 'easy' and I am convinced that he will also achieve it this year.

Everything is accessible

What a story, isn't it? It immediately makes it clear to me that you can achieve almost anything if you can break down a big goal into daily tasks that you can easily do.

But how do you take a goal for 2, 5 or 10 years and divide it into daily tasks? 

First you start with your end goal and work backwards to create annual goals. Then you focus on your annual goal and divide it into four quarterly goals. Then you focus on the first quarter and set weekly goals. Finally, divide your week into a daily goal.

Having clear daily goals broken down into tasks helps you get into a certain flow, increasing productivity 5x**. 


Planning is essential for this process to succeed, so don't forget to use your Sundays to properly map out the week ahead. Personally, I love just checking my planner in the morning during the week so that I know what to do, you don't have to think endlessly anymore because you already did that when you started to grind your goal into pieces.


One last important step is reflection. After a month, sit down to see what went well and what you can still work on. You can adjust things and in this way your path to your goal becomes clearer. Remember: The journey to your goal is also extremely important; enjoy and be proud of yourself! And what Alex always says: YOU GOT THIS!!!

Enjoy your meal:)

Are you ready to eat your plane? I'd love to hear what your goals are. No goal is too big, go for it!








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