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Optimize your performance in a happy, healthy way

You are a hardworking, motivated dancer. A successful dance career is your biggest dream. You only notice that all kinds of voices come up in your head that cause your love for dance to fade into the background: – What those other dancers can do, I can never do. – I don’t have what it takes to have a successful dance career – My level is not high enough and I have no talent. –  All the other dancers all look better than me. You think working even harder, paying even more attention to your diet getting even thicker skin is the solution, I get it because I’ve always thought that too. I now also know that things can be done differently and I want to teach you that too.

Don’t let limiting beliefs get the better of you.

No dancer lacks willpower, but that’s not all that matters.
I can help you find your love for dance again.
I can teach you to find a balance in training, nutrition, and mindset.
Be the best version of yourself and shine in every class, at every performance and at every audition.
It’s about meeting your goals in a happy, healthy, and sustainable way
and not letting your limiting beliefs get the better of you.


Continue to eat, think and act more effectively so you can be at peace with your body and perform at your highest level.


Let’s work on this together!

Do you recognize this? You have worked hard almost your entire life to achieve your ultimate dance goals. However, perfectionism, lack of self-confidence, comparison, and insecurity are increasingly gaining the upper hand and standing in the way of achieving your goals. All day long you think you are not good enough, not thin enough, and not beautiful enough. Isn’t this unsustainable? It isn’t and you don’t have to keep it up. You can also dance with confidence and have a positive body image if you follow my 1 on 1 program. Read more so you can get started quickly.

Saskia de Badts

I am a very loyal coach. My own strong ideas may change if I see that this is better, No matter how intense the subject, I will always use my humor to laugh at the often strange things we do as dancers, I can still marvel at life and the great things my clients achieve. I was very strict with myself and my environment but I found leniency and that is the best gift I give my clients. My extensive knowledge of the dance profession in particular, in combination with my infectious humor and love of dance, makes me a unique coach for dancers. Living with a lack of self-confidence, disordered eating behaviour, perfectionism and a very distorted body image. I totally get what it is, I’ve been doing it myself for 40 years!

You Are The Only One Of You. From The Beginning Of Time Till The End Of This World To The End Of Eternity. There’s Only One Of You Ever Created. Ev-er. You Are The Only You. That’s Pretty Powerful. So Why On Earth Would You Want To Look Like Anybody Else, Dress Like Anyone Else, Dance Like Anyone Else, Be Someone Else, When You Are A Legend In Your Own Right?

– Mia Michaels

“As a peak performance coach and professional athlete who has struggled with an eating disorder myself, I can attest that Saskia Debadts is a talented and authentic wellness coach.  She has a deep understanding of personalized nutrition, the science behind behavior changes and helping others improve their outlook on the world.  Personally, I have yet to meet a more genuine and a friendly coach who always puts her clients first.  If you are looking to break through mental barriers, optimize your nutrition and improve your physical and mental health, I highly suggest choosing Saskia.”

Alex Wisch


During this 30-minute session with Saskia, we dive into your personal and professional goals.

This session is an opportunity to clearly define your goals and see how you can achieve them in a way that fits your lifestyle needs.

What are we going to tackle:

  • Biggest ambitious goals
  • Action steps and means to achieve your goals
  • Lifestyle tips to optimize your time
  • Increase accountability and improve overall performance
  • What working with Saskia would look like

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